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Freeman McGilvery
Chief of Artillery
First Volunteer Brigade,
Artillery Reserve

Dunbar R. Ransom
Chief of Artillery
First Regular Brigade,
Artillery Reserve

Battery C, 1st RI. Light Artillery
Captain Joe Raposa , Commanding

"Wiedrich's Battery I"
Captain Steve McNally, Commanding

"Hamptons" Independant Battery F
Pennsylvania Vol. Light Artillery

Captain Robert Brown , Commanding

Battery G 1st. Pennsylvania Light Artillery
Captain Ron Fulmer, Commanding

"Cushings" Battery,
4th United States Artillery

Captain Chuck Smeltzer , Commanding

"West Point Battery",
Battery D 5th United States Artillery

Captain Tom A. Meyers, Commanding

Battery M, 2nd United States Artillery
Captain Steven Appelt, Commanding

Battery C, 3rd United States Artillery
Captain William Barnhardt, Commanding

6th New York Independent Battery
Sergeant Jeffrey Cohen, Commanding

Battery D, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery
Lieutenant Greg Cocco, Commanding

Battery B, 3rd Pennsylvania Artillery
Captain Steve Weyandt, Commanding

Baltimore Light Artillery
Captain Jean Roger Buchan, Commanding

Battery K 4th United States Artillery
Captain Richard Gist, Commanding

"Bader's Battery"
5th United States Artillery,

Captain Cass "Doc" Bader, Commanding

Corbins's Battery
Captain Greg Webster, Commanding

"Carlin's"Battery G
Captain James Miracle, Commanding

Beardsley's Battery"
Battery K 1st Ohio Artillery,

Captain Paul Beardsley, Commanding

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