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Artillery Medical Safety Guidelines for Events

1) All injuries or illness should be reported to Headquarters.

2) All reenactors, officers and enlisted, are required to carry a full canteen of water when going  out to the field. Any reenactor found not carrying a full canteen will be pulled from the field by the medical staff.

3) It is recommended that all reenactors begin drinking water at least 1 hour before leaving for the field.

4) Each artillery piece is requested to have a container of water on board when going to the field.
The container should be large enough to refill all of the crew’s canteens. Ice can be added to the container once it is received on the field.

5) Each reenactor should carry a medical card on them at all times during an event.
The card should include the reenactors name, address, phone number, emergency contact, allergies, and medical conditions. 

A duplicate card should be held by the company commander in charge at the event.

6) If your artillery piece has been issued a yellow flag, please remember to use the flag on serious or life threatening emergencies only. The use of the flag will cause the battle to come to a halt and should only be used in true emergencies.

7) Any reenactor who is certified in first aid should report to the Headquarters on the first day of the event to identify themselves to the staff.

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