The Artillery Reserve Organization was formed by Federal Civil War Artillery Reenacting Units
for the purpose of being a non-political, non-profit, memorial organization established to
commemorate some of the aspects of our American Heritage. Specifically, this organization reenacts
the function of the Light Field Artillery of the American Civil War era.

This Artillery Reserve Corporation represents member organizations and individuals across the United States
to event sponsors and their agents, both military and civilian, in order to negotiate improvements in bounties,
apprearance fees, amenities, and camping areas, as well as the reduction or elimination
of event registration fees.

The United States Artillery Reserve is endorsed by

The United States Department of Interior,
National Park Service, Gettysburg Battlefield,
Eisenhower National Historic Site, Gettysburg, Pa.

Supplying premium made in the USA powder
to the U.S.Artillery Reserve,
"Goex, The Tradition Continues."